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Visiting our School

We welcome parents and members of the community to visit our school. To ensure the safety of our students and staff, and to limit disruption of instruction, please contact the principal or an administrator to pre-arrange classroom visits. Visitors are expected to observe school rules and engage respectfully with all employees. Parents and guardians may not interact with any children other than their own unless given explicit permission to do so prior to the visit.

For safety reasons, state law requires schools to register all guests who enter school property. Visitors should park in designated areas when possible and check-in at the office to get a visitor’s pass. Unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering or remaining on school grounds. If court-issued restraining orders exist which limit a parent’s access to visiting their child or receiving information about their child, the custodial parent must provide the school principal with a copy of such an order. Only persons listed in a student’s record are permitted to pick up the student without specific parental permission.

The principal or designee may request that any individual who is causing a disruption, including exhibiting volatile, hostile, aggressive, or offensive behavior, immediately leave school grounds.

Drop Off, Pick Up and Parking Procedures

Please remember that when picking up or dropping off children, the white zone in front of school is for pick-up and drop off only as it is a loading zone - not for parking. Please do not drop off, park, or pick up in the coned area near the garden (on Pajaro Drive) - that is a bus area only. Most importantly, please be mindful of your speed, of children in crosswalks, and of families entering or exiting while you drive. Please do not use the staff parking lot (near the garden) as a turn-out zone as many children walk there. In addition, there is a chained-off area near TK/Kindergarten for safety. Simonds is coordinating with the City of San Jose for parking and traffic compliance. 

DO NOT BLOCK or PARK in neighbors' driveways.
DO NOT double park.
DO NOT park in the Red Zones, Bus Zone or Crosswalks!
DRIVE VERY SLOWLY around campus.
NEVER leave your car unattended unless parked in a valid parking spot.

Please consider walking to school or parking a short distance from
school to avoid traffic. Allow extra time for drop-off and pick-up. Please be patient!

Please drive safely around Simonds!
Remember that our students’ safety is MOST IMPORTANT!

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Main Office: 408-535-6251